Little Lotus Art & Exhibition

Patrick Shepherd : October 12, 2012 2:13 pm : Featured

‘What do you dream?’ sees the work of over 30 talented creatives come together in an exhibition which will ultimately build new dreams for the children who inspired them.

The exhibition title was inspired by the children. “What do you dream?”, became an evident theme for both the artists and the children interpreting the phrase on multiple levels. We returned to New Zealand with the kid’s art, we showed this art to 30 guest artists and they are creating works of art in response to the kid’s dreams.

The exhibition took place at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery (Shed 11) in Wellington, NZ in Oct 2012. Artwork was auctioned off via Trade Me, raising over $40,000 for vulnerable children. Below are links to all the amazing art that was part of the exhibition, we hope you enjoy it.


– Click HERE to see the art –

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Sky Blue School is complete!

Patrick Shepherd : December 27, 2011 10:26 pm : Featured

What an incredible final week it was! The educational mural, shade sculpture and artists murals are all complete and the kids love them.

We all had such an incredible time and really this is just the beginning. Now the post project fun begins, so please keep an eye out for all the content that will be appearing over the next 5 months!

We couldn’t have done this without your support and the support of our sponsors. A huge shout out to Hell Pizza, The Body Shop, Icebreaker, We’ar, Sandisk, Kidrobot, Rhythm and Alps and Nookmag.

Here’s a few images from our final week at Sky Blue.


Thank You Icebreaker

Patrick Shepherd : December 21, 2011 2:16 pm : Featured

Late yesterday afternoon some of the Little Lotus crew visited the community who live and work around the rubbish dump. It is the children from this community who attend Sky Blue School and are working with the artists in class. The artists all contributed some rice to the community and we were lucky enough to have some pre-loved kids clothes from Icebreaker to hand out.

It gets pretty cold there at nights during winter, so the generosity of Icebreaker will keep many of these kids warm at night. A huge thank you goes out to Icebreaker for their support. We’ve captured a few images to share with you. Enjoy!


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A wee video update by the AOS crew

Patrick Shepherd : December 20, 2011 3:06 am : Featured

The AOS crew quickly knocked up their own wee update video on this years SpinningTop ‘Little Lotus Project’ so far. We thought you’d love to check it out. So much amazing footage being captured here, we are so excited about all the online docos we will be creating!


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SAW School is Rockin’ Along!

Patrick Shepherd : December 16, 2011 6:53 pm : Featured

SAW School is looking incredible! The artists have been working hard on the alphabet mural and it’s nearly done. The children each had a letter and they have been planning the artwork that they were going to paint on the inside. Yesterday afternoon they started painting in their letters and the wall is now looking so colourful. Thinking back to the plain bricks it used to be, I can’t believe what a difference it has made to the school. The kids absolutely love it and are so excited to see it all coming together.

Every so often I’ve been hearing kids running around singing the alphabet which is cool.

On the other side of the field is the toy making on the Kidrobot toys. We have never done this before and it is blowing my mind how natural these kids are at working on the toys. J-RYU and Aaron are having so much fun, talking to the children about how art shapes their lives, showing them their techniques and Aaron is even doing a bit of DJ-ing for the kids while they paint.

Today is the final day working on the mural and the toys, before we have the paint party tomorrow. Check out the images below and I’ll update you real soon with more images and stories!



Like Kids In A Candy Store

Patrick Shepherd : December 14, 2011 4:09 pm : Featured

Yesterday was a huge day on the Little Lotus Project. It was the first day that the artists worked with the children and it was incredible!

The day started with some shopping for art supplies and paint. It was really one of those ‘Like kids in a candy store’ moments. The artists loved collecting the supplies as everything here is so much cheaper than back home. While we were shopping, Cleo and James started painting the walls of SAW School white in preparation for the mural. They got a hand from the kids and we were amazed to turn up with the first coat already done.

After a Burmese lunch in a small tea shop, it was time for the first classes to begin. Working with a group of 15 kids on the Kidrobot toys, were Aaron and J-RYU. Their class had so much fun and had huge smiles when the toys were handed out. The children will be working on developing characters for these toys over the course of the week.

Across the field were the artists working with 20 children on mural painting. Drypnz, Sheryo, Yok, Ritzy and Meghan started the kids of with some fun sketch ideas and even got the kids to stand up and explain their drawings to the class. There were some incredible drawings in there!

It’s 10am now and the start of another big day. The artists are just getting some energy with a breakfast at their fav spot, Casa Mia. Then it’s on the bikes to SAW School, where the mural painting will begin. Exciting times ahead!


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Why Little Lotus Project Exists

Patrick Shepherd : October 20, 2011 1:23 pm : Featured

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A Look Back At 2010

Patrick Shepherd : September 28, 2011 10:05 am : Featured

The 2010 Little Lotus Project took place over 3 weeks in November 2010 and saw 4 incredible artists work with the children on a variety of art workshops including soft toy making, a masquerade ball and the painting of a school mural. Tanja Jade, Peap Tarr, Alex Chalmers and Pat Shepherd worked with the children from schools supported by the charity SpinningTop. Here’s a little bit of a look back to the 2010 project:


Soft Toy Making

The children at Thoo Mwee Khee School started off with sock toys, then moved onto creating their own fun characters through material donated by The Body Shop in Singapore. It was so much fun working with the children on the soft toy making as they all had such fun designs. The toy making has continued after our departure as local art gallery, Borderline, has been working with the kids to further their skills in the world of craft. You can read more about the project here.

The Masquerade Ball

The masquerade ball sure was one of the highlights of the project. Peacefully is the school president of Thoo Mwee Khee and he loves his music. He got together his band, set up the sound system and threw an incredible party that had us and all the kids dancing away under the stars. The children with musical skills even took turns on the mic with all the other kids bringing them flowers on stage, apparently it’s what they do in Burma. If you’d like to have a laugh at us all doing the Cha Cha Slide, check out the video here.

Sky Blue School Mural

It took 6 days to complete the mural at Sky Blue School. The artists worked in the intense heat from 10am until 5pm. The children had art classes with local art tutor Nyan Soe during the afternoon and then worked on their elements of the mural for the last 2 days. Many would now say it’s the best looking school in Thailand and I think we can all agree with that statement!

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